Stopflies puts an immediate end to pesky fly problems.

Stopflies is an easy and effective way to end pesky fly problems indoors and under overhangs. This patented (NL1037489) product was designed based on the scientific evidence that flies lose their sense of direction when exposed to the shimmering of water above them. Flies have compound eyes that are made up of more than 4,000 lenses, enabling them to see ten times as quickly as human beings. But, with Stopflies hanging at the top of the door opening, the flies can no longer estimate height and will not fly inside as a result. The reflection and shimmering combined with the transparent plastic enhances this effect. To put it simply, thanks to Stopflies, flies en route to an indoor destination will lose their way and be unable to reach that destination.

Stopflies can be installed quickly and easily in a doorframe, doorpost or under an overhang using nails or double-sided self-adhesive tape (both included with the product).

With Stopflies, screen doors and fly screens are no longer necessary. Stopflies has standard dimensions so that it fits in normal doorposts.
Stopflies is a convenient alternative for places where a screen door or fly screen is difficult to install, such as under cantilever windows or sliding doors.

Stopflies is made of child-friendly (P6) plastic and can be reused repeatedly. Moreover, Stopflies is an animal-friendly product because it does not kill the flies, but rather sends them in another direction.